Balance, quality and functionality in a great course is an art form.

– Tony Jacklin, C.B.E

Our Philosopy

Golf is a physical and emotional challenge and Jacklin Design Group creates the perfect balance between the two in its designs.
People love the social aspect of golf, being out on the land with nature, as well as those who use the game as a level playing field on which to do business. The course means different things to different people and whether you are a serious professional, a keen amateur, or simply a regular social player, the course needs to meet all of their needs.

First Class Golf Courses are rare

Only The Best

The elegance, sophistication, adventure and romance of a great course are borne from the simplicity and balance of classic design – It’s vital to have class and style in everything you do.

‘Balance, quality and functionality in a great course is an art form.’

Tony Jacklin, CBE

All About The Maintenance

Designing a great course is like building a really good house. Course designs can be elaborate and not work in the long run for the developer. Often they will find themselves left with too many maintenance issues. 

Meet The Family

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